Classification of
WonYong Water

-Water Concentrate

VOW Drops

Filter Type
-Water Filter
Small capacity
Pi-Filter 14"

-Water System
Small capacity

Large capacity
Bulk capacity

Soaking Type
-Water Ceramic


Salt Type

-Water Applications
Bottle Pi-Water
For Pi-Food

For Agriculture
For Livestock

For Marine

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Country : Republic of Korea

Cutting Edge(ideal) Water Science Technology
The World's Only Genuine -Water
by WonYong Co., Ltd.

Infinitely Close to Life, The Ultimate Technology for Saving Human Life, Life Saving Water.
Vital Organic Water (V.O.W.)
WonYong Pi()-Water

WonYong Pi()-Water is Vital Organic Water,
almost identical with bioorganic mechanisms
living organic fluids in the body.

High-Tech of Bio-Medical,
Original WonYong Pi()-Water technology

The Only Manufacturer of Genuine Pi()-Water,

WonYong Co., Ltd.

WonYong Pi()-Water technology
supported by Korea government.

Beware of counterfeits(imitations)...[Click]


"V.O.W. Concentrate" is drops for health drink which is created by the world's only WonYong Pi()-Water Concentrate Technology(Highly-Refined High Energy
Concentrate Solution).
V.O.W. Drops is used extensive disease in medical purposes. It is enjoyed not only as health drink but also as groundbreaking medical treatment, new cutting edge technology.
Ultra strong effects like medicine(more strong effects than medicine) but no side effects as opposed to medicine.
Miraculous improvement for verious diseases including incurable(obstinate) diseases.

A Few drops of V.O.W. Concentrate into water makes Vital Organic Water. You can add to any drink.
miraculous effects of V.O.W. Drops!

WonYong -Water is induced from the highly energized state of infinitesimal amount of ferric ferrous salts that have excellent antioxidant effect(V.O.W. Concentrate & TARAMA Pi-Water Ceramics are core substances for life that have the strongest antioxidant action in the world.) of protecting human bodies from active oxygen(=free radicals) that causes various diseases and stresses(removing harmful active oxygen cause cancer, diabetic, hypertension and etc.), neutralization actions from harmful toxins(Controls oxidation reduction reaction ; detoxification action) and prevent rotting(inhibition of microbial growth, such as virus and bacteria) in the intestines. In addition, they have calcium antagonism(Calcium antagonist properties), high vital activation energy(Life energy), small water molecule structure, contains abundance oxygen, equal pH to body(pH Balance), boost immune system, and bio memory and the ability to transfer biological information, etc. Its vital functions are the closest to those found in the living organic fluids. It contribute to maintain healthy bodies and youth by protecting the cells and DNA's, protecting our body from harmful elements, and strengthen immune system, normalize body functions by cell activation.

The world's only genuine -Water System,
"WonYong Pi()-Water System"

It changes tap water to healthy WonYong Pi()-Water.
It will make better health condition of your body.

It makes wonderful healthy drinking water.


"WonYong Pi()-Water Cartridge" is the WonYong Pi()-Water generator which is created by the world's only "WonYong Pi()-Water Ceramic Technology(Highly-energized -Ceramic)".
Putting WonYong Pi()-Water Cartridge into water makes WonYong Pi()-Water.
miraculous effects of WonYong Pi()-Ceramic!


Research of Life [Water of Life, WY Pi-Water]
Principle of Life Formation,
Research of Life Mechanism and Development

The World's Only Original -Water Technology
Ideal Water for Life, The key to Wellness and Longevity.
Miraclous of WonYong -Water

Oxidant / Antioxidant

Mummy in the water

Sea fish & river fish
live together...[Movie]

Life extension
in airtight container

Flower in the water

Pyramid Salt

"WonYong -Water" use to treatment for patients
with hard-to-cure diseases & incurable disease.

WonYong Pi()-Water incorporates the best bio-
science(bio-medical) technology that is expected
to contribute toward the human's ultimate goal of
disease free, long life and extended life expectancy.
* Ideal water for your body : WonYong -Water(Vital Organic Water) is the closest water to the living body water keeps lives in the body cells. Water is the main substance in metabolism, it is the key point to use or drink the water harmonizing to living bodies organism. The more close water to the living body fluid, the less losing of energy, in the metabolism, this adjusts disharmony, changes abnormal to normal. The water which makes our body activating maximum which all the ability, the living body has. It makes our body most efficient...more

-Water technology _ Manufacturer : WonYong Co.,Ltd. (WY)
WonYong -Water technology supported by Korea government.
WONYONG is the only genuine -Water(authentic quality) manufacturer in the world.

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#1105, F-dong, Medical-Bio Techno Town, Inje University, Eobang-dong, Gimhae-City, KOREAr