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Beware of imitation or fake products
The world's only genuine Pi-Water : WonYong Pi-Water
The quality of "Pi-Ceramics" of Pi-Water system & Pi-Solutions,
the core substance is entirely different

Beware of imitation or fake products
Genuine WonYong -water products(Pi-Ceramics & Pi-Systems & Pi-Solutions) are developed and produced by original WonYong -Water technology.
We are supplying the only original(genuine) Pi-Water in the world.
The quality is completely different from that of all other imported ones(counterfeits).
The fake Pi-Water has not actual effect at all.

Frequently asked questions about fake products
The products which are selling with the name of "Pi Water" that not from genuine WONYONG are all counterfeits.
- Pay special attention to some fake advertisement even though it is not actual Pi-Water, especially in Japan and USA. Original Pi-Water manufactured by original technology of WONYONG that is completely different from products made in Japan or America, etc. Pi-Water products that from all other manufacturing companys(from Japan or America, etc) are 100% fake(It is not actually Pi-Water).
For example, fake Pi-Ceramics is not Pi-Ceramics but general ceramics.

Case 1. Selling fake Pi-products that is not from Genuine WONYONG.
[ Fake Pi-products that made by all other companies in Japan or USA, etc. ]
=> All are not Genuine Pi, All imitations.
: Fake products by "Far Infrared Ray(FIR) Ceramic" or "Magnet". (All the things are not Genuine
: Fake products by "General Ceramic Minerals". (All the things are not Genuine Pi-Ceramic)
The World's Only Genuine "Pi-Ceramic" & "Pi-System" & "Pi-Solution" : Manufactured by WONYONG
Genuine WonYong -Water technology is entirely unrelated to "Far-Infrared Rays(FIR)" or
"Magnet" or "Alkali including magnesium(Over pH 8.0 - Unbalance pH to body
- Causes side effect)".

Case 2-1. Advertisement that they produce Pi-Water(moreover, they advertise with Pi-Water theory's data),
but their fake products(Fake "pi-water ceramic", "pi-water filter", "pi-water system"...) don't have
actual Pi-Water effects at all.
Case 2-2. Advertisement that they have patents of Pi-Water technology internationally, but it is fake patents
by false technology. That fake patents can not make genuine WonYong pi-water effects.
Please beware of fake patents by false technology company.

[Attention] Beware of imitations.
There are some fake Pi-Water being sold in the market, confusing some consumers.
The fake Pi-Water has not actual effect. Therefore, pay attention to buying the Pi-Water.
[Notes] You can not expect the real effect of Pi-Water when it comes to imitations.

[ FAQ ]

# About the world's only genuine Pi-Water by WonYong
Is the "WonYong Corp. in Korea" the only genuine Pi()-Water manufacturer in the world ?
Yes, it is.
Our company is strictly protecting our original technology from disclosed to other. So, no other company can manufacture it.
Imitation Pi-Water products which are made in Japan and USA are all fake products with no correct effect of the Pi-Water.
We are manufacturing and supplying the only real Pi-Water based on the original principle of Pi-Water. So, pay attention to the imitations.
The product which is not the original WonYong Pi-Water supplied by us has no or only a very weak effect.

# About Patent
Why we do not register the patent of our original pi-water technology?
It is the rule that we don't release(register) the patents.
Because our original Pi-Water technology is not imitable at all.
Releasing(registering) patents make others imitate the technology.
Patents has expiration date. So, materials(Not imitable technology) do not release(register) the patents.
For example, that is the reason why "Coca cola" does not register the patents.

Generally, almost analysis possible technology register patents to prevent imitation, but analysis impossible technology do not register patents to prevent imitation.
So, we don't register patents because genuine WonYong Pi-Water technology is not imitable at all.

Patents are no relation to products quality at all. So, anyone can register fake patents by false technology.
Many patents abuse this point for consumer. Please bewares of fake patents by false technology company.
Fake patents can not make genuine WonYong Pi-Water effects.

# Beware of counterfeits(Not made by genuine WonYong)
Please do test with all imitation products(from all Japan, USA, etc.) compare with our original genuine WonYong products. Please do test all actual experiment results on our web-site of original(genuine) WonYong Pi-Water technology. After all, you can realize that WonYong is the world's only genuine Pi-Water maker.

[For example] Anti-oxidants effect
All Pi-System by fake Pi-Ceramics from all Japan, USA, etc.(not from genuine WonYong) => Iron clip rust same as general water.

Pi-Ceramics from all Japan, U.S.A. are counterfeits.

Genuine WonYong Pi-Water Ceramic

[The effect of controls on oxidation reduction reaction(& antioxidants)
* Alkaline water(Alkaline Ceramics)(pH 8~9~over), Magnetic water(Magnet), etc. also have not these effects.

And besides...The verious effects of the only genuine WonYong -Water.
http://www.wonyong.co.kr/public_html/water.htm [Click]
http://www.wonyong.co.kr/public_html/product_vow1.htm [Click]
All effects are entirly different between genuine WonYong and other imitations(from all Japan, USA, etc.).

You have to remember ;
All contents of WonYong -Water are about the world's only genuine -Water, "WonYong -Water" just by WONYONG(manufacturer). These effects demonstrate only by genuine WonYong -Water.

Pi-Water Pi-Water Copyright WONYONG All right Reserved. E-mail : piwater@wonyong.co.kr Pi-Water Pi-Water
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