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- The best business partner. Be with us, WONYONG

WonYong is the world's only manufacturer of genuine Pi(π)-Water technology.
WonYong Pi(π)-Water technology have outstanding achievements and great reputation.
If you are looking for genuine Pi(π)-Water Products, Please do not hesitate to contact us.
We can provide you with excellent quality original WonYong Pi(π)-Water products.
Our R&D is working for excellent quality Pi(π)-Water and also tries to give you more benifit.
For more details and further product information, please contact us right after.
We are ready to serve you at any time.

Original Pi(π)-Water manufacturer, WONYONG.
WONYONG Business Segment

Medical treatment & human health business Segment
Cure a disease(change from abnormal condition to normal condition),
maintaining and improving health condition
WonYong Pi(
π)-Water Concentrate(V.O.W. Concentrate), WonYong Pi(π)-Water Cartridge, WonYong Pi(π)-Water System, etc.

Drinking Water business Segment
Make excellent drinking water
WonYong Pi
(π)-Water System, WonYong Pi(π)-Water filter.

Water treatment business Segment
Make excellent drinking water for industrial
(Application : office building, hospital, hotel, motel, restaurant, public bath, swimming pool, beverage / drinking water company, food processing plant, aquarium, dye house, water treatment company etc.)
WonYong Pi
(π)-Water System, Industrial Pi(π)-Water System, Large City Pi(π)-Water System.

Food / Food processing (Pi-Water Treatment) business Segment
Improve food quality excellently, Prevent rottening of food.
# Food
freshness preservation
: WonYong Pi(π)-Water Concentrate for food treatment, WonYong Pi(
π)-Water System, Freshness preservation sheet-"Ceracist"

Cosmetics business Segment
Restore damage of cells and tissues, Protect skin, Anti-Aging.
WonYong Pi
(π)-Water Cosmetics, Micro mist, Beauty mask pack etc.

Agriculture business Segment
Promote growth, Make a repeated cultivation , Growing without agricultural medicines.
WonYong Pi(π)-Water Concentrate for agriculture [Pi
(π) - Seed treatment, Pi(π) - Soil conditioner], Agriculture Growth Pi(π)-Water System : "Pi(π)-Rice" etc. Pi(π) - Pine activator.

Livestock business Segment
If applied to pigs, chicken, poultry, cattle, milch cow...etc, pi-water ensures healthy growth.
Promote growth, Improve flesh(make best fresh; first grade), Breeding without medicines.
WonYong Pi
(π)-Water Concentrate for livestock, Pi(π)-Vaccine, Livestock Growth Pi(π)-Water System: "Pi-Chicken", "Pi-Egg" : the best flesh & taste.

Marine business Segment
Promote growth, Drop disease, Water improvement
WonYong Pi(π)-Water Concentrate for marine, Fodder additives activator, Fishery
Growth Pi(π)-Water System: flatfish, prawn, eel, pearl -shell...raising, Live fish carry system

Environment business Segment
Water improvement(Swimming pool, Bathhouse, Water tank),
Soil improvement(acid soil neutralization), remove harmfulness materials, Lake purification
WonYong Pi
(π)-Water System, Pi-Deodorant : (TARAMA Deodorant Ace A/B)

If you have ideas on how Pi(π)-Water can help your business or industry, please E-mail us.

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