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[V.O.W.(Vital Organic Water) Concentrate]
V.O.W. Concentrate(Drops)

[Filter Type]
Pi-Water Filter & Pi-Water System

Industrial Pi-Water System

[Soaking Type]
Pi-Ceramic Cartridge & Bag

[Salt Type]
Vital Organic Salt(Pi-Salt)
V.O.S.(Reactive Undulation Salt)

[Pi-Water Applications]

Pi-Water Cosmetics
Concentrate for Cosmetics

Concentrate for Agriculture
Concentrate for Livestock
Concentrate for Marine

* Pi-Vaccine
Pi-Vaccine for animals

Pi-Water Books
Pi-Water for life
Pi-Water cure a cancer (japanese)
Pi-Water energy
Pi-Water cure a cancer (korean)
Pi-Water Cosmetisc
21st century water, Miracle Pi-Water (japanese)
21st century water, Miracle Pi-Water (korean)
Pi-Water cure a diabetic
The Origin and Future of life science
Miracle Pi-Water

"Educational-industrial-Institute-government-international complex research & development project"

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