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  The basic research of WonYong Pi-Water

The first research on -Water began from the research on the flowering of plant. Animal, and plants are transferring their genes to their next generations through total cell division or reproduction.
The flowering activity is the critical one for leaving their offsprings through pollination. We can not notice the flowering during the growth of plant before the final flowering. Flowering happens when the pre-programmed temperature and sunshine volume are reached.

How can this mysterious program be memorized in the living body?
The critical part of life information is contained in DNA which is inside the nucleic acid in the chromosomes in the centre of the cells of living things. The chemical and physical properties of DNA suit it for both replication and transfer of information. Each DNA molecule is a long two-stranded chain. The strands are made up of subunits called nucleotides, each containing a sugar (deoxyribose), a phosphate group, and one of four nitrogenous bases, adenine, guanine, thymine, and cytosine, denoted A, G, T, and C, respectively. A given strand contains nucleotides bearing each of these four which makes 64 kinds possible. These strand makes amino acid necessary for living body according to the RNA and sustains it by synthesizing the essential ingredients such as protein. These bases are supposed to combine with each other, with thymine with adenine, cytosine with guanine. So, when double stand is disintegrated, it can be regenerated to the initial one. This life information on DNA is called gene. All living things are made by the hereditary information. Generally, the protein property as well as the shape or other features are made according to the combination of DNA. DNA is the thing which can be recognized by eyes or can be counted. It is combined with finite number of bases. So, the fact that there are so many infinite kinds of living things means that the information transfers are not only done by the DNA but also a lot of smaller molecules.

Then, what is the factor which can maintain the information in the living body.
Human body is 70% water. To maintain the living things alive, the blood also have 83% water with the remaining 17% having the water dissolved in it. Accordingly, the water actually is related to the existence of living things. However, the water is one of magnetic material that it changes easily according to the environment. So, the water only is not enough to replicate the living body with correct information over and over again. Therefore, it should be the strong substance which transfers the information related to the existence of life inside the living thing over to next generation over and over again through replication.

Substance which records and transfers life information
The elements constituting the life body are called the living elements. Our body is constituted with 30 kinds of such elements.
Among them, one which correctly memorizes the information of life system and copies it is the iron base.
The DNA system which is recognized to record the life information is not the cause of life activity but just the result of it. When we observe the life activities of living things, we can find a lot of changes due to the change of magnetic fields and temperature. Among them, it is a special feature that the line dividing between cool or hot temperature is the critical reaction temperature of 17.5 degree. Plants germinate, grow, flower and bear fruits due to the temperature, amount of sunshine and period of sunshine while birds and fish migrate according to the same causes. Information determining the reactions above is memorized and kept in the special iron inside the living body water). During the research on the mechanism controlled by this iron, the pi water has been found.
Remove protein from protein solution containing the iron base which is vitally activated in a special fashion to make the special iron base. Add the amino acid to the solution. Then, the same protein as before can be observed to be formed. This fact shows that the protein's information is kept in the iron base.

  Quality of water

Water is life.
Water is the most familiar thing to all living things. Human being is also closely related to water.
Water is indispensable to human body. It is the main component of blood and lymph. It also keeps the body temperature and makes the healthy skin and muscle and plays a role of buffer in joints. The water is deeply involved in metabolism such as digestion, absorption, and circulation. Human being grows in the water in his or mother womb after he or she is conceived. Then, after human is born, he or she starts to live in this world, drinking the mother's milk, which is also made of water. In case of new born baby, more than 70% of the body is made up with water. In case of brain, the water makes up to 85%. As human gets older, the body gets solidified. When human reaches a very old age, the body water goes down to 45%. It means that as human being is farther away from water, he or she is closer to death.

Good water is better than any other restoratives.
(WonYong Pi-Water is completely different from so called "good water")
In modern times, a lot of medicines are used to cure diseases. The misuse or excessive use of strong medicine can give side effects to the users, giving adverse effects to body. The artificially synthesized medicines which are used a lot get the side effects and further, the synthesized medicine does not cure the root cause of diseases. Even though the method to cure the infectious diseases is a relatively new one, it causes the virus to change its form, finally reducing the effects of antibiotics and thereby causing new disease. Accordingly, even though some diseases might look cured, there could be some side effects in the future. A lot of development has been done in the field of medicine. But also there are new incurable diseases increasing. The fact may be because we, human being, have violated the principle of nature.
What is most important inside the human body is water, which makes up most of the body. In addition, the water also causes our body to get diseases or to cure it as well as to keep us healthy. If we don't give proper attention to water which makes up 83% of our blood and 90% of our cell, it would be almost impossible for us to cure a lot of chronic diseases. So, if we can cure disease and keep us healthy with the water we drink every day, that is not only good information for us but also good for our home and nation.

Quality of water - Water has the secret for living, aging, disease and death. (Good water and bad water)
Water, which is important but always existing around us, has many kinds of qualities.
In other words, there are many kinds of waters, so to speak, not only a water which is almost close to toxic but also a good water for health, a life helping water and a life saving water. Though water is all around us, it is a important thing which can decide life or death. Water is life and life is water.
Good water is the best restorative for health.
WonYong Pi-Water is the best water in the world and has the ability to return you to the nature, where you can have good life.

These contents on our website are all about "WonYong genuine -Water" by WONYONG(manufacturer).
These effects demonstrated only by WonYong genuine -Water. We have no relation with any other immitations of pi-water.

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  WonYong Pi-Water Functions

Function of WonYong Pi-Water (If in use proper condition)
Normal Growth.
Improvements of physical constitution.
Stop propagation of Bacillus and Microbe.
Elimination of harmful ion. (Make harmful chemicals to be harmless.)
Help metabolism of life.
Accelerate the cure rate of injury and burn.
Make cell vit
Improves the quality of bad water and soil.

WonYong -Water's Functions(for the living and their environment)
1. Contribution to normalized growth (realization of balanced nutritional condition and prevention of deformity)
2. Promotion of growth and development (improvement of energy efficiency and promotion of growth and development)
3. Reinforcement of regeneration (reinforced recovery and regeneration of damaged cells and tissues)
4. Improvement of physiological functions (improvement of movement, digestion, absorption, and other physiological functions)
5. Reinforcement of adaptability (increased adaptability to temperature, light, and other environmental factors)
6. Inhibition of growth of pathogenic microorganisms and promotion of growth of good microorganisms (inhibition of growth of pathogenic microorganisms and reinforcement of immunity and resisting power)
7. Prevention of hazardous ions (protection of our bodies from hazardous metal ions, various hazardous chemical substances, and carcinogenic substances)
8. Purification of environmental pollutants (removal of odors, purification of water, and prevention of soil pollution)
9. Transfer of memorized information (Wonyong -Water is able to memorize and transfer biological characteristics and genetic data. Wonyong -Water maintains physiological conditions and promotes life actions. Wonyong -Water records and transfers life information.)

  Life-Saving Water...
The Key to Healthy and Long Life,
Vital Organic Water
(WonYong -water)

The Key to Healthy and Long Life, Prolongation of Life _ [Original -Water Technology; WonYong]
It is no exaggeration to say that life depends on water.
Many studies showed that water can save or kill living things.
Vital organic water essential for life is produced and maintained in all living things. Such water is fundamental to the immunity and our life force. We have to maintain such important factor (water) for our healthy and long life. In order to maintain normal physiological conditions and protect our body from diseases, we have to protect cells from oxidation. To do this, water in healthy ones has a mechanism of inhibiting oxidation effect of active oxygen. WonYong -Water has the same mechanism as shown by such vital organic water.

Frequent exposure to various kinds of stresses, wrong eating habits and lifestyle, environmental pollutants and drugs, and hazardous chemical substances weaken our natural mechanisms. Such subtle, but obvious changes make our immune system weakened and cause damages to our health. External attacks by hazardous substances and internal imbalance of physiological conditions accelerate weakening of physiological functions. To restore the balanced and normalized conditions, cellular water should recover the balance. In other words, we need water that helps us recover normal conditions, contributes to cellular division, supplies energy to cells, and protects cells and DNA. Because diseases are controlled by DNA and cells, and cellular membrane is controlled by energy. So, we need water helping us recover normal conditions. WonYong -Water is the solution for natural healing.
All kinds of water on earth can be easily ionized, deteriorated, worsened, oxidized, and decayed by chemical substances. In addition, they can be easily contaminated with bacteria.
However, WonYong -Water has excellent natural-restoring [ Characteristic of Controls-ionization (controls oxidation reduction reaction = Adjusts the balance of the negative(-) and positive(+) state of living body ; detoxification, inhibition of carcinogenic substances), Anti-oxidation (anti-cancer, anti-active oxygen), Inhibition of microbial growth (anti-virus), Non-contamination(prevents rotting), Calcium antagonism(Calcium antagonist properties), Protection of cells and tissues, and High vital energy(Life energy), contains abundance oxygen, equal pH to body(pH Balance-Normalize Body pH), and so on ] properties, protecting cells and turning abnormal cells into normal ones. WonYong -Water makes contaminated and weakened nature and human beings get healthy conditions.
Further, WonYong -Water maintains the effectiveness of WonYong -Water regardless of time and environmental conditions by ferric-ferrous salts. Unlike other kinds of water that lose the effectiveness over time or become deteriorated by hazardous materials, WonYong -Water maintains its effectiveness under any conditions. This is a very important characteristic. Because -Water exercises full effectiveness in our human body. Moreover, WonYong -Water's effectiveness can be applicable to any kinds of fields. So, WonYong -Water can be used to solve various kinds of problems in the nature.
Finally, WonYong -Water has the power of memorizing, maintaining, copying, and transferring physiological characteristics and genetic information.
Therefore, WonYong -Water is also called "Information Water". Usual water has limited memory. However, ferric-ferrous salts contained in WonYong -Water strengthens the memory, increasing the power to memorize and transfer physiological data in animals and plants.
WonYong -Water's unique property of memorizing and transferring physiological data enables change of flowering time, promotion of growth, resistance to low temperature and growth of green lawn even in the winter, and breeding of chickens and pigs without use of drugs. WonYong's "-Vaccine(anti-virus)" and "Seed Treatment Solution" products are developed on the basis of such property.

Accordingly, if water forming 90% of cells and 70% of human body is replaced with WonYong -Water, you can enjoy the most healthy and beautiful life (good for skin care and prevention of aging). WonYong -Water has enormous potentials to realize eternal youth and treatment of incurable diseases.

WonYong -Water was not developed for a specific purpose. It was born in the course of studying the nature.

WonYong -Water has almost the same mechanism as found in organic water with high life activation energy. WonYong -Water is a solution to various problems increasingly caused by environmental pollution. In addition, WonYong -Water removes hazardous active oxygen that causes oxidation of cells and DNA and various kinds of diseases. It makes harmful chemicals to harmless. Also, it has calcium antagonism. In short, WonYong -Water is a key to healthy longevity and prolongation of life.

The technology of using water to restore healthy conditions and natural environment while not violating the dispensation of the nature is a fundamental solution to lots of problems in our modern society.
This is the very principle of WonYong Korea's -Water technology based on the mechanism of organic water. This is the true high-tech life science based on naturalism and natural medicine.

  Ingredients of WonYong -Water _ infinitesimal amount of Ferric Ferrous Salts
- Homeopathy -

Basic manufacturing principle of WonYong -Water.
We call the essence constituting the living body as the living element. Our body is composed of around 30 elements.
Among them, iron base correctly memorizes the biosystem, copies its information and then transfers it to other place one by one.
Iron base is what is synthesized using the lipid made by living body and it should be extracted with loaded on lipid after memorizing the information on life. This bio-activated ferro ferrous iron base has the power to memorize, keep and copy the property of living thing and its hereditary traits. Just the iron base from the living body with no memory which is just dissolved in the water is not enough to see the activity of WonYong -Water which looks mysterious.

Based on the lipid compound of special ferric-ferrous iron base with the life information on living body on it, it controls the mineral and memory & transcript treats living body materials(enzyme, etc.). It makes the hydrogen bonding power of water stronger through the precision Pi()-reaction treatment and then gives the power of controls oxidation reduction, reduces the size of cluster and enters the waves of bio-energy to it to keep the activation status not reduced. As the WonYong -Water has the different level of activation on the living body according to the content of iron base, it can correctly control it.

The WonYong -Water is what the living body materials(enzyme, etc.) are applied(memory & transcript treated) by using the special method on a infinitesimal amount of ferric-ferrous iron base (compound) discovered from living body water. Manufacturing of the WonYong -Water has been tried many times but the WonYong -Water made without the original core technology is impossible or not effective.

* Accurate understanding on the ingredients of WonYong -Water:
WonYong -Water is induced by the infinitesimal amounts of ferric-ferrous salts, but actually if we make any chemical analysis of the ingredients of WonYong -Water by chemical analysis instrument , the ferric-ferrous salts are not detected in the WonYong -Water, and ingredient analysis appears like the same level of common drinking water.
Because, WonYong -Water are not just made by melting or putting ferric-ferrous salts into water.
WonYong -Water is the state of memory of ferric-ferrous salts which are specially treated
an excited state by highly energized reaction.
WonYong -Water is not modified chemically at all, so the iron element itself does not be absorbed or affect the living bodies.
Chemical explanation of this is that WonYong -Water
induced infinitesimal amounts of
Ferric-Ferrous Salts which give -Water the memory to activate life forms. Living body materials(enzyme, etc.) are memory & transcript treated by Ferric-Ferrous Salts.
It(Ferric-Ferrous Salts) has memorizing and transferring ability, they[living body materials(enzyme, etc.)] are being memorized and transferred into the water.
The normal water is changed to WonYong -Water by the memorizing and transferring ability.

Rights of -Water technology : WONYONG Co.,Ltd.
-Water Concentrate Manufacturing Technology,
-Water Ceramics & System Manufacturing Technology,
-Vaccine Manufacturing Technology.
Original Pi-Water manufactured by WonYong
  [ Original Pi()-Water technology ]
The only manufacturer of pi-water in the world...WonYong
WONYONG, is the only manufacturer of original(genuine) Pi()-Water items in the world.
Our company, WonYong is supplying the high-quality WonYong genuine pi-water worldly with the original pi-water technology.

Classification of Genuine WonYong Pi()-Water Technology:
- High Energy Functional Water : TARAMA WATER. Applicable to various fields for healthy life.

1. Highly-refined WonYong Pi()-Water Concentrate Solution [ High Energy WonYong Pi()-Water Drops ]
: V.O.W. Concentrate [Vital Organic Water Drops ; WonYong Pi()-Water Concentrate]

2-1. Highly-energized WonYong Pi()-Water Ceramic [ Used "WonYong Pi()-Water Ceramic for soaking type" ]
: WonYong Pi()-Water Ceramic Bag & Cartridge [WonYong Pi()-Water Generator ; Soaking type]

2-2. WonYong Pi()-Water Filter System as High Energy Drinking Water
: WonYong Pi()-Water Filter System [Multi-uses : Household use / Industrial use ; Filter type]

3. -Vaccine(Anti-Virus) technology
: WonYong Pi()-Vaccine

Original Pi()-Water product registered Trade Mark ;

At WonYong, the "TARAMA" trade mark is used for our Genuine Pi-Water (original product) related products. The "TARAMA WATER" is the brand name for our original Pi-Water, which is a WonYong's main product.

TARAMA is a Sanskrit (India's high class language) word meaning a lotus flower. A lotus grows in a muddy pond by sucking in and filtering out the dirty water. Using the dirty water, the locus can make beautiful leaves and flowers based on its water purification ability. Based on application and improvements beyond and above Pi-Water's original technology, Wonyong's products use the TARAMA trade mark, because they, like locus flowers, help in vitalizing (vitalize: living, healthy organic water) the organic fluids inside our tired and damaged body and protecting cells from excessive oxidation and damage (by active oxygen, carcinogenic elements, harmful substances, germs, decay, etc.) so that our health can be restored and maintained.

Pi()-Water Technology
WonYong Co.,Ltd. : Industry-academic cooperation with Inje University(Paik Hospital foundation)

Pi-Water technology(By WonYong Co.,Ltd.) supported by Korea government.

WonYong Original Pi()-Water Technology
- Authorized New-high-tech Industry(Which is designated from the government)
Our company is assigned with its new technology and potential power of the business by the Korea government Authority. ...[See details]

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